Unexplainable Things Expertly Confused

… Why the fuck do I even have this blog. 1 maybe 2 people give a fuck about I say here.

nights like these

I know I am drinking to numb the pain but am fully aware it’s only making it worse. Why can’t I learn from my mistakes.

Part 3 of your story?

Come off anon please ? 

But you don't want the downs. Can you turn them into ups?

Maybe some but others I simply have to live with . 

Downs? :(

Of course downs are a part of life. Without them the ups wouldn’t feel as good 

How is life?

Life’s alright ups and downs but I am making it through

Tis the season

Hand to ass
A print left
A mark of affection
Teeth sunk into flesh
Trust growing
Air deprived
Gasping for breath

bound to the past

Once bound by my hand
No longer
Whispers of what once was
Scared the wind will erase these fragile memories
Depths of depravity
Most haunted past
Gas and flame
United but briefly
Violent explosion
Intense heat
In the end
Nothing left but grime
The filth left behind
Remnants of a beauty that once was


Still figuring out who I am
Where I am going
What this all means
Thoughts that leave me shuddering
What do I truly desire
What is morbid fascination
Darkest secrets shared at most desperate hours
Permanence unknown